Day 30: Finding Happiness In Voice

I can’t believe we have hit our 30th day together! Time has been zooming past each week. A lot has happened to me this month and for the most part, it has all been positive. I can’t share all the details with you but I promise you will find out in the near future. I can safely say this is the happiest time of my life.

Happiness, this will be our topic because I have nothing else on my mind. I know I have done a topic similar to this but this time I will talk about the journey to happiness.

Happiness is not always easily found, it likes to hide in the most unusual of places. For instance, growing up I used to loathe writing. It was probably my weakest subject in school. This all changed about a years ago when I started exchanging notes with a distant stranger. Doing this for countless weeks, my attitude towards writing drasticly changed. Writing was bringing me happiness I have never felt. I realized it was a voice people could hear. Something I lacked in the real world, due to my lost ability to speak loudly. I now cherish this new voice of mine.

It was almost like I had been going the wrong direction for quite some time on my path to happiness. If it wasn’t for this off chance meeting with some random stranger reaching out to me, I might have still been sitting in my room thinking about what true happiness feels like.

I encourage all you, if you are not feeling happy, to look in an unusual place. Who knows, you might find a happy surprise.

It is so late! I was planning to publish this hours ago but a family friend came to visit. I had a blast catching up, so it was worth this being published a tad bit late. I hope you enjoyed and I will try to think of a better topic for tomorrow. See ya’ tomorrow!

My lovely photographer sent me new pictures to share!



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