Day 29: Desensitization

Day 29! I am so late today and it’s because of some new responsibilities I have now. Publishing around 8pm PST might become the new norm. We will see once I get organized and have a system in place.

I want to talk about desensitization and why I think it is becoming more and more of an issue. I have to admit, I am guilty of desensitizing issues with distasteful jokes. I love the shock factor of it. I have noticed lately that events and ideals which should stay sensitive, no longer are.

In my opinion, I attribute this change to buzzwords being used on the internet. Before I go any further on this matter, I DO NOT believe under any circumstances that the internet should be regulated. It is an amazing tool, we just need to use it in an educated fashion. Common sense is a must when surfing the web.

On a daily basis, people are being bombarded with buzzwords such as terrorists and other phrases which used to carry a lot of meaning. Most of the time it’s just for clicks and the word was severely misused in the title. A person can only take so much shock before the word loses its meaning.

I mentioned terrorists because this word has been beaten to death. If two or more people die due to another person, you instantly see headlines claiming it was a “terrorist attack”. I want to look back at the Oklahoma City Bombing, one of the worst domestic terrorist attacks in US history. In the headline of The New York Times, you see no mention of terrorism or terrorists. In the 31 paragraph article terrorists is only mentioned TWICE!

Front Page Image

Could you imagine what the headlines would be like today for an attack of that magnitude? There would probably be entire paragraphs with just the word “terrorists”. I bet it would even blow over in a matter of days and we would all be back to talking about Kim K and Kanye.

I have no good solution on how to combat this issues. It is one of those things you can chalk up to “times are changing”. Maybe in the future, we can start using words with weight properly again.

It’s almost 9pm and I would like to relax a bit before bed. I will definitely be revising this topic again because I think it’s important to talk about. I hope you enjoyed and I will be back tomorrow.

Here’s another picture from Yellowstone.

Image may contain: one or more people, people standing and outdoor


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